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by Feline & Strange

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Two Lifes 03:47
Two lifes - I´m leading two lifes And sometimes I think It´s even three I´m leading two lifes And none a real life -When will I ever be free? When morning tickles my sleepy eyes I´m al-ready long gone off to work While I´m doing my gyms and having a tea I tell others what to do, how to live, how to be And I know this is nothing but lies. Then I climb my bike and have a stroll to the park, in the same time I´m meeting a friend Sitting down by the lake, watching birds, feeding fish I study the menu to choose the right dish And my soul starts to feel naked stark. Most of my lifes they work fine together, We all arranged with no problems at all I just can´t imagine to live just with one, When it´s raining I go to the world with the sun, When freezing I´m switching the weather I know people consider me not from this world, of course, that must be because I´m not there I did never mind what people think, But sometimes I feel paranoid and shrink And find me on my sofa upcurled There´s so much of the world still to see, That it makes me Panic and cry, So much to do, so many things to learn, There´s people to meet, there is money to earn, Two lifes ain´t enough, I need three
You had your chance To knock me out When you Had me crying On the floor I nearly Died when you Told me you´re Off – and Just a little Push would have Thrown me Over Well you know you Need me, Don´t you try to Lie And I know you Want me, don´t Need to play the Shy – Shut Up now Babe you Had your Say Ain´t you Glad that I Called you Back when you Drove away that Night Hey boy, somebody had to |tell you what it Means to love and to be Loved and I tell you I might How could you smile at me over your pasta And tell me it´s over, you don´t love me no more I took you back - as if nothing had been, But I tell you don´t play silly games anymore
I have been world´s greatest lover - Every finger sucks a boy For a dance I didn´t ask - Always had my private toy But what was it for - in the end - I will be dying alone - in the end Been there done that nothing new to me - Go on surprise me I just sip my tea Been There done that – I tick my list and go away Seen them looked at - There´s nothing more to say Being rich was second try - building up my fun empires Had six cars and nine employed - only caring for my desires But what was it for in the end - I will be dying poor in the end I was famous as can be - idol of some million men hunted by press, copied by lots - Was really happy, my own fan. But what was it for in the end - I will be dying a nobody in the end So looking back I can decide - what I did keep from this half life I keep my stories, lived and learned - I keep my feelings, I am what I earned. So that´s what it was for in the end - I´m dying living in the end.
Thunderstorm 05:48
Heavy air musty smell yellow clouds, a heaven like hell Chicks yawning lazy at the metro station - This is the thundergod´s coronation The world sticks to me, follows every step, I drag it around, longing just for a nap As the thunder growls loudly the first time, Raindrops start to chime Thunderstorm-can you save me- Women and children first Lightning strikes, please please save me, Find me a shelter, it hurts I shriek and cover my head with my arm and run to a roof where nothing should harm And I wonder in the tiny edge of my brain: Why is nobody following? Are they insane? I shrug and decide to do what I feel like and try to avoid the dashing hail´s strike A small girl walks to me, seems unharmed by the ice, Her mother runs fro, snashes her, that is wise Lightning strikes a crack in the earth don’t you see, a gaping canyon ripping up straight to me When I realize that I´m crying still-I think I´ve got no free will Vaguely I check out some outstretched hand, They all look so worried I can understand I´m groping blindly for a strong hold And cry for help I am so cold It´s raining cats and dogs and dragons and cones, The crack approaches it reaches my bones I feel ripped in two and I´m falling Far far down Far down So far so far
Gimme 03:42
Planning for your birthday dinner I was smiling, laugh and sing Up in heaven, lost in love - Unprepared. Phone starts to ring. When I heard the doctor talking I just couldn’t stop to smile Even when the call was over That still took another while. How could you do that to me? How could you leave when I needed you most? … Now I feel utterly lost. I don’t know why I had to go as you were already dead Maybe I needed to see you like that to beware me from getting mad. Next days I did almost nothing staring at the wall all day I vaguely remember some calls and some friends but nothing I wanted to say. I just wanna cry out Keep still keep still Wait for my heart to arrive Things rushing over me like in a bad horror movie I need to feel human, wanna curl up and cry I miss you so deeply and I can´t stop - I´m so alone Still I wouldn’t cry, couldn’t realise Because there was too much to do Our money´s been yours and the bankers all knew - In fact I admit I was cursing you. About six months later I opened a box One small thing I had managed to keep And I found your birthday present from me And finally started to weep.
When I met you for the first time I had no idea what was thrilling me I felt there was something inside But your sunglasses didn’t let me see your Awful dark eyes When I kissed you for the first time I couldn´t stand to close my lid and I Pinched you to open yours again cause I couldn´t stand that they were hid, Babe I tell you one thing: You got awful dark eyes Sucking me deep inside the well of your soul, That’s your awful dark eyes I don´t mind your kisses, I don’t mind your smell, I don’t mind your wit and the secrets you tell I don’t need your hands on my longing skin As long as I can see my mirrored face in your Awful dark eyes. So how come that I see them Wandering round through the beautiful world Stopping at the occasional ass And pretending not to see that I am hurt,themAwful dark eyes Be careful my friend, keep them where they belong cause I love them and won´t let them go I rather scratch them out to keep em If you´d be leaving me, cause I need them so...
Happiness 04:54
Happiness Emptiness Deep inside of me Fill me with joy – fill me with love – Fill me with hate – that’s alright to me - Just don’t leave me empty like an useless jar Hi there I´m a happy person - Did you read my latest post Do you like my brand new sneakers - Last week I travelled to the coast O my god I´ve got so much on my agenda - I won´t ever get the chance of leading a life I´m checking my mails phoning posting being nice and tender I have to do this that there now here at once, Talking to people taking the chance But please don´t ask me what I´d do if I could - Please don´t give me time Empty time feels like a dark greasy hole, Please please give me a hand I´m sliding down I am nobody and I´m trying to hide – Feeling around me after someone Leave me alone when I smile and cry - I have no wings so I shouldn´t try to fly Whenever I sit down and try just to think - I must jump up and do something useless I am afraid of what I could find down in the sink - I could be searching on and on for decades And just finding space Happiness Emptiness Deep inside of me Just don’t leave me empty like an useless jar Now I´m feeling useless like a broken jar
ToBeDo 03:45
Life is full of strange things - I wanna touch them all I need a bigger basket, this honeycomb is tall Crawling up on every ladder - Sliding down on every wall I do my best to grow some wings - I´m just afraid to fall (Cm) Helter - Skelter - Rising Sore --- Shadow - Lightning - Rotten core Never – Ever – Lust and more --- Shut up – Hide me – One and Four – and I say Lalala To Be is a hard job to me. Have you – ever- seen the dark? Did you – ever – light a spark? Tried to – master – hail and hark ---- Lion – hamster – lamb and shark – and I know I did never dream of – what I will do today My feet are barely dirty – my hands are wet and grey Have no things to lose while I climb - down the tree and go my way just used the limbs I found when waking – nothing more to say Man and mouse will be the saints --- no one never knows all ends give your heart with bloody hands --- I will catch it just by chance – and I sing
Finally 06:32
We´ve looked at each other for more than some months like we look in the mirror in the mornings just to check if you´re still there, not lost in a nightmare - nothing for real, avoiding to touch the cold pane between us The first cracks came so small we didn´t notice at all, then watching them ripping through all we knew with ascending pace Silently searching a hand that feels strangely unknown when one thousand tiny shards tinkled down So you finally leave me. You finally go away. You finally leave me sitting here all by myself in the dark to cry. You finally leave me. Can´t wait till you go away. I´m ok, just gonna stay sitting here - won´t let you see me die I´m looking into your eyes for the first time in months and see the deep disappointment that I´ve been for you I know you´d read exactly the same in my own eyes and wonder if we need to accuse to enlighten our conscience We start explaining feebly at the same time and almost laugh because it´s just like two people freshly in love like the couple we should be – we have been - when we couldn´t take our hands off each other nor our eyes nor our minds Take my hand take my hand pull me tight and kiss me I can´t stand I can´t stand losing you for the rest of my life don´t let go don´t let go take a chance we will get this over I can´t let you go- Just would let you know - I still want to love you
Ich hatte hundert Kerle, die mir jeden Wunsch erfülln Brauchte nur die Hand ausstrecken, konnte einen Knack Arsch fühln Aber was bleibt am Ende zurück Am Ende da stirbt auch das Glück Kenn ich weiß ich, hab ich schon gemacht Los, überrasch mich! Selten so gelacht. Kenn ich weiß ich, hab ich schon gesehn Wenn sonst nichts weiter ist, dann kann ich ja geh'n. Ich war mal abartig reich, schwamm herum in meinem Geld, Hatte Autos, hatte Diener, mir gehörte die halbe Welt Aber was hat das alles fürn Zweck Heute ist die ganze Kohle ja weg Auch berühmt bin ich gewesen, war in jeder Zeitung abgedruckt, Fotografen auf den Fersen, mir hat jeder nachgeguckt. Aber warum soll's mir anders geh'n Ich sterbe als Niemand ungesehn Wenn ich heute rückwärts schau, wird mit eines langsam klar. Es zählt nur, was ich erlebt hab, Nicht, wer ich für andre war. Also das ist der wirkliche Sinn: Ich sterbe, weil ich am Leben bin.


A mad voyage through jazz clubs, soul cellars, and electronics. Our very first record!!!

CD ONLY available here: dryland-records-shop.de/products/feline-strange-behaviour-lp-cd


released October 1, 2011

Words, Music, Art: Feline Lang




Feline & Strange Berlin, Germany

A rocket trip from a Punk Cabaret-5piece to a Dark Wave duo: Theatre for your ears, the incredible mezzo soprano of Feline, ingenious drums by Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione, and the weirdest cello you ever heard.

Made in Berlin.

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