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Deleted Scenes

by Feline & Strange

The Family exclusive
The last human on Earth will jump off a cliff To end her loneliness The last rich man will starve to death He can´t eat what he does posess The last green plant to grow on earth Will be burnt by the rocket to Mars The last bit of sky will not show the sun but a black hole eating the stars This is how things do end, my friend Not with a blast in the sky Things disappear, and you will, my friend, Not miss them until they die. The last elected president Will declare himself a king The last bride on Earth will not say I do But sell the offensive ring The last pacifist will go to war When all the kids have starved The last piece of art is not painted nor sung but a bunker wall, haplessly carved The last honest man will be shot when hunger has made him rob a compound The last serial killer will bury herself As there´s no more victims around The last mother gives birth when all midwifes have been Replaced by mechanical wombs The last undertaker will break his heart while covering too many tombs
No regrets for the holidays There will be nolidays this year They are nolidays, but you still can go shop although your shopping day will be a smalliday, with no fee paid, halleluja! Don´t save cookies for Santa Claus, while the banter claws away your skin. You can´t rent a Claus, but you still can eat although Santa´s boot will kick your wealthy butt to Northpole and back again, hosianna! Have a party without the party, just for you alone Paint the family, Jack and Emily, with a Sharpie on the wall. Let your hair down in the toilet after all the food a whole tofu turkey alone was optimistic but now you have to eat it all Here´s to a happy new year, though we are too fearful to celebrate But don't boo here, because you can still shoot rockets just be a fool here despite your fear of a hospital this year, gloooria! Music shall be everywhere, Blast the walls away Make your neighbour cry and bust the fuses, Why should you tone it down today Shop until the web is empty, with good tidings fill your house, Don't reserve a penny for any medicine workers, They have gotten all the loud applause. No regrets for the holidays There are nolidays this year They are nolidays, but you still can dream Even nolidays can be jolly days you can always feel a tiny bit of joy
WORK-SONG Do you want a happy life? Then prepare for death Do you want to die in peace? I hope your heir is set Do you want to build? then you should build a mansion The mortgage will be mortal and your story ends here. Bei what you should, a working bee Think what you should, don´t learn something new Be grateful for the chance to serve Be content for working and shuffling and making and  Do you want to be something? The you should found a bank. Do you want to earn more?  Do you want to create? Create a tax loophole Do you want to find the reason?  Be productive, cheat the tax bureau, be creative, move money back and forth Be healthy, don´t call in sick Be relevant, earn more and more and more And we´re dancing and dancing ´round the holy calf Work - Buy - Make more money We don´t think about the other half Mammon is our idol Consuming gives you inner peace Emptiness can be filled by shopping But searching and not finding  will destroy you in the end Don´t search, don´t search, Obey, and add, and subtract, and contract, and don´t act,  but tesseract the unsocial product


My second C19 album, this time in English again, and apocalyptic Darkwave as opposed to the German punk one.
This will grow track by track as the pandemic proceeds, and human stupidity expands beyond expectations. Most tracks I make alone and asked the band or others for remote contributions. You will get all new tracks without extra payment when buying the album now!


released October 27, 2020


all rights reserved



Feline & Strange Berlin, Germany

A rocket trip from a Punk Cabaret-5piece to a Dark Wave duo: Theatre for your ears, the incredible mezzo soprano of Feline, ingenious drums by Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione, and the weirdest cello you ever heard.

Made in Berlin.

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