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Well-known US producer JASON RUBAL (who worked with Bitter Ruins, Frenchy and the Punk, birdeatsbaby, Garbage, the Dresden Dolls and members of The Cure, to name but a few) found us in the vastness of the internet (while we were amidst the production of our 3rd full-length) and offered to make ANOTHER record with us… !!!
Aaaaand: BRIAN VIGLIONE (drummer of Dresden Dolls, Violent Femmes…) played with us on this record…!
The result: New album coming soon in double edition: The Jason-record LIES will be released June 19th 2015 – TRUTHS in luxury steel case in Summer!


released June 19, 2015

feat. Brian Viglione, Jesse Platts


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Feline & Strange Berlin, Germany

5 records plus subscription singles show the trip from a Cabaret-5piece to an Electro Wave duo: Theatre for your ears, the incredibly strong mezzo soprano of Feline Lang, ingenious drums by Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione, and the weirdest cello you ever heard.

Made in Berlin, Germany, and Harrisburg, PA.

Get more on www.patreon.com/feline (US) or www.donxt.com/feline (EU)!
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Track Name: Maybe
Lucky me sitting on the lawn,
counting my blessings, waiting for the dawn -
Maybe, just maybe
there´s another life to live,
I just have to go out and follow the if
And be the star in my life‘s movie, not a pawn

It‘s the maybe that‘s so hard to bear,
The possibility of happiness out there
The chances I´d miss, the opportunity to kiss,
Maybe may be there tonight.

What would happen if I went out today,
looking for luck and what may come my way?
Maybe, just maybe
I would find my greatest love,
or fifteen minutes fame
or just dance my ass off.
But I´m too comfortable where I am
and so I choose to stay...
Track Name: Telling Me
They keep telling me happiness is a choice
They keep telling me with that obstreperous voice
They talk and talk and I try to follow their witty lore

They keep telling me I had got so many talents
They keep telling me I´d have to thank my benevolents
They talk and talk but I´m not listening anymore

Leave me let me out go far away - I won´t believe a single word you say
I am not a toy for you to play - I won´t believe a single word you say

They keep telling me I had been ever so lucky
They keep telling me life is no rubber duckie
They talk and talk and I try to swallow the gritty gore
They keep telling me what colour the sky is
They keep telling me what a white lie is
They talk and talk but I´m not listening anymore

They keep telling me they know me from birth
They keep telling me I was a child full of mirth
They talk and talk and don´t see that my ears are dry and sore

They keep telling me my life is a piece of cake
They keep telling me I´ll dream on when I´m awake
They talk and talk and I get my hammer and grind their core
Track Name: Stop Asking
I wish I could stop thinking about everything I do or see.
Why do I know what will happen, why do I feel responsible for everything I do?
I wish I could live peacefully without my conscience´s gravity.
Not hear not see not talk a monkey toying with a typoscript that no one will read

Let´s stop asking who we are - stop asking where we go - stop asking who will care - stop asking...

I wish I could stop asking for the way you see the world
I seem to be the only one to see it just the way I do, I watch and all seems so wrong.
Sometimes I wish I could turn back the time to know what I did not
when I was young and thought the world was mine to loot not what to care for destined I was

I want to be a lonely person, not responsible for you.
I wish you wouldn´t ask me if I`m feeling like a woman after all who I am.
I don´t want to replace myself with whom comes after, want to be
my own remembrance own portrait, don´t feel I have to trade that for a life, not at all

Why can't I go on blindly.
Why do I have to speak up
even if I know you won´t listen
and my voice blows in the wind like noise of
dead transient sand
Track Name: A Real Woman
Can´t do maths, Can´t drive, Don´t like to carry heavy loads.
Can´t dispute, Can´t think angular, Am afraid of spiders and toads.
Without my lipstick I am broke, Who´s got chocolate has won.
Without my handbag I feel naked, And it´s weighing a ton

Oh yes, I´m a woman. I have to admit: I´m a woman and I´m a real bitch.
I´m a woman and I´m no scam, I´m a woman, that´s what I am.
Oh yes, I´m a woman and I love to be a real woman: you get what you see.
I´m a woman and I fit your cliché of a real woman

Like my clothes. like my home. like a good strong arm.
I´m a singer in a band, and my fist doesn´t do any harm.
Too many shoes, too many bags, and a hell of a PMS.
A caress is the cure of my very worst fits

Love to dance with my man and hate when he stays at home.
Go for looks, go for shoes, don´t never go to the loo on my own.
Don´t want to lay who´s still there on three, but at four you should stay!
I´m allergic to everything, but the most to a bad hair day
Track Name: Cry
You hurt me and you don´t even know me. you make me crawl on the floor, hide under the bed. I´ve worked and I´ve worked, for so many dead hours, I´ve aged, I´ve resigned more times than I admit. Now I´m so tired I just want to cry

With lawyers and lies you blame what I´ve created, try to steal what I made, what I love like a child, throw dirt in my face, let my friends turn their backs on me, make me the scapegoat in a game I don´t like. I´m so angry I just want to cry

To run and to hide makes the strongest soul crazy, but what´s more: I can´t run! I´m obliged to declare. After three hours sleep waking noonish seems lazy, The white feather sticks on my head like a flare. I´m so lonely I just want to cry

Now I´ve grabbed my belongings and lift my head slowly and walk to the door and try if it will open -and there they are scowling because they are envious, aiming their guns at my head to take what I can give.

The doubt is my frequent companion, how should I know if the shadow I throw is the truth? Your words, thoughtless bullets, tear into my heart, open up wounds that don´t heal whatever I do. I´m so damaged I just wantto cry

I'm tired, I´m sick of the world that I live in, I just want to stay put in my bed till I cease. but not even this to my kind will be granted, we have to take on your war while we want peace. I´m so frightened I can´t even
Track Name: Somebody called for you
Somebody called for you, don´t recall her name
when she called I was busy. but that´s a waiting game
Think I knew her voice: it was the one
I heard out of our bedroom window when I got home
Also know how she smells from my own sheet
after I had gone out to give you time to cheat
So I told her that you ain´t at home
going out with a girl straight to town
A girl I wouldn´t know but a pretty one
giggling all the time staring at the sun
I think she was angry, can´t imagine why
she dropped the receiver, didn´t say goodbye
I just found her picture under the bed
cut it right into pieces, fed them to the cat
So I think my dear, you are a loner again
don´t try to come back to any of us
Track Name: Big Ass
My fault is: I can´t keep my mouth shut (though I´m not sure that this is so bad).
So I say what I think, and that often hurts someone, and many people wish I would drop dead

Yes, you can make me lose it - Yes, you can make me cry,
but if you try to move me - you´ll fail, I won´t go away

I`ve got a BIG ASS and I´m sitting RIGHT HERE
so if you DON´T LIKE it you gotta go away.
I´ve got a BIG ASS and I´ve a BIG MOUTH
and I won´t SHUT UP but say my say and let you look the fool you are

Feed me sweet talk to mute me, Promise me lies to keep me quiet.
But if you try to abuse me I tell you I´ll stay here alright.
No, I don´t buy what you´re saying, No, I know that it´s wrong,
right as I talk they send in the guards but they can´t stop my little song 'cause...

Lie to me lie to me but don´t even try to keep me out of your filthy plans!
Keep me where you can see me, right in the spotlight, I won´t move, for some to see me it's their only chance.

Oh, so you think you have won me - Oh, so you`re feeling secure?
Wait till you see me standing up - I´ve got something to say to you...

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