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    Put the box theatre on your nightstand and get weird dreams. The song list on the back will still be legible, no worries. Oh, and the 3D art contains a fully frontal nude picture of Feline. Just saying.

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Fully streamlined into an Electro Wave Cabaret duo, Feline Lang (vocals, piano, synths, melodica) & Christoph Klemke (cello, percussion, back vocals) rock, with the help of legendary drummer Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls, Violent Femmes, Nine Inch Nails) and punk bassist Tyler KouqJ Garrett (J and the 9s), through 11 aggressive and depressive songs, like out of a hole in the ground or out of space – dark as either.

Out of expectations, out of the box, out of patience.

With the last song on the predecessor „TRUTHS“ Feline promised „I’m gettin‘ angry“. Here’s proof: Yes, she is.

„I knew this was going to be different but it turned out to be breathtaking!!“ (Patreon comment)

Learn more about how this album came to life on residency in Marseille:
Or get the full backstory including silly videos of the very first version of those songs:


released March 23, 2017

Feline Lang (vocals, piano, synths, melodica)
Christoph Klemke (cello, percussion, back vocals)
Tyler KouqJ Garrett (bass, production)
Brian Viglione (drums, percussion, dumpster, screaming)
Brigitte Langnickel-Koehler (concert harp)

This version (CD and digital release version) is mastered by Martin Grünewald.
For the HiFi freaks and the american ears out there, get the alternative US master by Tyle KouqJ Garrett here on bandcamp soon!




Feline & Strange Berlin, Germany

5 records plus subscription singles show the trip from a Cabaret-5piece to an Electro Wave duo: Theatre for your ears, the incredibly strong mezzo soprano of Feline Lang, ingenious drums by Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione, and the weirdest cello you ever heard.

Made in Berlin, Germany, and Harrisburg, PA.

Get more on www.patreon.com/feline (US) or www.donxt.com/feline (EU)!
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Track Name: And if the world would end tonight
And if the world would end tonight, what would you tell your guardian angel? What would you tell of hope and fear? Would you be one to shed a tear?
And if your sleep tonight would never end, what would you bring with you to heaven? Will you tell tales of love and lust? will you bring gold will you bring coal will you bring dust?

Only the special lifes will last. Everything else is fading fast.

Are you prepared for death‘s last dance? What makes you merit your deliverance? will you lie down and fade away, or have you lived a life that‘s here to stay

I‘ve lived a life full to the brim and yet have the feeling of missing everything. I have just this little story to tell -
as my ticket to heaven this feels small, so very small...
Track Name: City by the Sea
Sea forever churning on the Smugglers nest.
The nightly Sky is burning, the Wind comes from West
The Water is blackening, the Rock looms high,
the Pharo is a dead end and a Ship runs dry

High is the rock and deep is the ocean,
Thin is the plank you‘re holding on
Wide is the sea and shallow is the haven,
Many a sailor came and never got home

So many dreams, a single tear: Go west from here
Enfant terrible de la mer: The City by the sea
N‘est pas un revé mais c‘est brutal, Go leave it all
You came for heaven, this is hell: The city by the sea

A Storm is coming, the tourists hide,
Rats and fugitives run prisonside
The heat is overwhelming, the thirst never ends,
we all are strangers here with empty hands

Deep is the pocket and loud is the song,
Sparkling and rotten. The way home is long
The city is dark but the streets invite to roam,
your money is gone and you can‘t ever go home
Girls are swaying, their style is fresh,
Rich white boys are ogling their tanning flesh
The DJ is tired but the night goes on.
The dancers are drunk and they won‘t ever go home
Loud is the music and strong is the crowd,
You‘ll never find home, but the beach is about
hard is the rock and soft is the sea,
Your mother the ocean takes you back into the deep
Track Name: No Life on Mars
A vast empty desert and a mountain pike no air to breathe
colder than ice no humans wanted neverwhere life is impossible here

this is your mind: I‘m just the intruder
this is your mind - no life on Mars
this is your mind: I‘m just an explorer
this is your mind - no life on Mars

Your thoughts race over red sand aimless and scarce, monochrome bland
what is the noise a cry makes that nobody ever hears
Astronaut landed! Contamination contamination - Rocket to damage! No hope
for salvation. skeleton in a pressure suit slowly buried in the cold dust
Track Name: Hole in the Ground
I‘ll build a hole in the ground and dig myself in
Nobody is allowed to enter and I‘ll eat up any insect that
Dares to intrude because I am a critter now and I‘m behaving rude
Deep in my hole in the ground the weather‘s always fine
it‘s dark and wet and cold and full of grime
that‘s how I like it best And if you don‘t like it as well you failed the test
Don‘t dig me up no let me be. No, not the light, not the light, prithee!
I‘m happy as I am, I don‘t want to be vanilla
why are you persecuting me? A buried caterpillar?
Deep in my hole in the ground Is where I‘m home
finally I‘m just who I am, me all alone
Yes I can hear my thoughts But that‘s what hurts much less
Than all the rest
It‘s dark in my hole in the ground, No one can see How I am crying all night desparetely. I‘ll dry my face when I‘m surfacing.
My secrets stay below, that‘s where I sing.
Don‘t dig me up no let me be. No, not the light, not the light, prithee!
I‘m happy as I am, I don‘t want to be vanilla
Are you so afraid of me that you would become a killer?
I‘m in a hole in the ground what do you expect?
I‘m per definition a dangerous subject. If you come too close
I might bite your nose off and dig myself back in
and gone I am
Track Name: Berlin's a bitch
Berlin´s... a bitch, legs wide open to who may pay, but nobody will.
This whore is too dirty and way too willing. Berlin´s a bitch. I´m stuck like in a pot of gruel! the city pretends it´s offering future, and yet there is nothing but past.
Dust blooms, showrooms, noisy rooms and drunken grooms,first love in a hazel grove, planes above, boring enough,dog poops, tourist groups, drum loops, beer puddle goops, fashion infection, pirate´s faction, movie sets: and action!
Berlin´s a bitch. I´ve lived here way too long. It´s time to move. But where should I run? These bounds are strong.
metro fail, slush and hail, mate tea is holy grail, spoiled brats, lousy cats fighting dogs and dirty rats, prison cell rings a bell, vomit smell stinks as hell, market fleas, hands to grease, smoker´s wheeze, you want a piece?
Berlin´s a bitch. it infects me with hipster germs. I´m wearing beanies...! when did that start?
jet lags, men with shags, cotton bags with smartass tags, music permitted, mayor outwitted, teeth gritted as far as you spit it, bare tits, Mutterwitz, frayed tights with sequin glitz, Schwaben hate, Brandenburg Gate, busses are always too late, Motz sellers, fortune tellers, breakfast clubs in dark cellars, wannabes, strange yogi teas, skinny legs in funny tees, fake beaches, border breaches, lakes with leeches, Conny and Peaches, Russian models, cheap hostels, turkish pimps, how do you want it?!
Berlin´s a bitch, and as bitches are this one´s tough and makes tough, too. No other way to survive. Well, here we are now...
Und doch komm ich imma zurück zu dir, mein Berlin, mein Berlin. Ich kann eben einfach nicht lassen von dir, ick muß doch imma wieda hin...Du bist wie de bist und dit lob ick mir, mein Berlin, mein Berlin. Ick kann doch nicht anders, ick liebe dir, du jehst mir nicht ausm Sinn.
Berlin´s a bitch and she´s got me in her heart and somehow entered mine, too - and I can´t leave
Track Name: On the Run
I‘ve been painting wrong colours - singing wrong songs- writing wrong poems - speaking wrong tongues - sitting on wrong chairs - eating wrong foods - worshipping wrong gods - buying wrong goods

Now I‘m on the run like a frightened rabbit, jumping the bricks of the yellow road, dodging the sun -might be I‘m seen- hiding my face under my load...

Run run run run -run for your life -Run run run -don‘t stop
Run run run run -no place to hide -Run run run -don‘t stop

Hold on hold on! I won‘t stop for you. Stopping is death -Running is hope. There is no goal, no end to this run, running in circles, a life as a lope

I‘ve been playing the wrong games - having wrong fun - asking wrong questions from the wrong men - showing the wrong sex - wearing wrong clothes - kissing wrong humans -watching wrong shows - squatting wrong houses - crying wrong tears - throwing the wrong stones -having wrong fears - carrying wrong guns - shunning wrong class - shitting on wrong heaps -kicking wrong ass

I‘ve done naught but being myself. That‘s forbidden in my world! Do what you ought, stay in the shadow, don‘t raise your voice, avoid the wrong words...
Track Name: Little Boxes
I make my living from: selling boxes with little people who live inside. Come to my shop and watch through the window! The little ones don‘t see you, and they won‘t hide. I stack all the boxes to neat little towers, to shoo the little people out to look all nice. See how they run! they are oh so cute, you can buy some for a very reasonable price!
Little Boxes for little people - little boxes are on sale
little boxes for the little minded - little boxes are selling very well
I group these towers to beautiful cities - no sunray reaches the hidden ground. Here goes, little girl, a box full of people! I tear apart friends without giving a thought.
Would the little people look up only once and see me smiling on their little lives, they would know in an instant they could run and be free, big clumsy me can‘t contain their hives! But those little people are like mice in a lab, they only care for what‘s right in front of them. I am not afraid they will ever look up: once you think inside a box you never find out again
Track Name: How Much
Wolf in a sheep‘s skin has to eat grass.
To avoid his detection he walks on broken glass!
I‘m nowhere at home, always on the run,
My home is where my head is, always toward the sun

I am afraid of nothing because life is but a dream
Don´t call me a liar just because in my sleep I scream
I´ll be a ghost tomorrow, nothing´s left behind
If only I could get this certain thought out of my mind

How much does fit into a life? What is the formula to calculate the volume of a soul? How can we be warned to reach full measure?
Five fathoms deep the answers sleep: a part´s more than the whole

My body‘s failing me. I‘m falling apart. Words tumble out of my mouth, make a mess in front of my heart. When I‘ll be dead and gone, don‘t put flowers on my grave. They don‘t deserve to die for me. I was just consume‘s slave.

Age is a bitch - Going mad just a matter of time;
I am a weirdo witch and I talk only in rhyme.
Life is utterly overrated, it´s just a gift we didn´t want, give it away when nobody´s watching, but better not hope for a sound refund...
Track Name: Lilith
The day your eyes met mine you were lost to the world,
I am the wilderness - you are my sacrifice.
for me you quit your job - for me you left your wife,
I am the opposite of what you took for life

I am the universe – You can get lost in me.
I am your every nightmare – the leaves on every tree -
The core of every atom – goddess of every myth -
But when you die and cry you´ll know I am Lilith

Your father warned about me when you‘ve been just a kid.
I am what you desire but never dared to will.
your brother had to dry your tears after the first love hit.
I am your greatest fear in your smalltown idyll

I am Eve – I´ll snatch your apple pie.
I am the snake that makes your pelvis fly.
and I‘m your god, always when you cry.
I am your curse – I´ll tell you how to die
Track Name: Modern Conversation
My car my house my boat my horse my kids my name my wits my game my life my blight my hate my fight my guts my brain my god my shame
No matter how good your life - complain
No matter how dark your soul - preach
No matter how empty your purse - spend
No matter how deep your love – cheat
Me Me Me Next! Cash Is Glee Next!
See see see Next! Pay the fee Next!

Your fault your bad your kid your bed your race your blame your sex your shame your voice your fate your choice your state your job your hands your nose your friends
No matter how sharp your mind - play stupid
No matter how bright your future - keep it low
No matter how daft your betters - hail them
No matter how white your skin – adapt
Lie lie lie Next! Try Cry Bye Next!
My my my Next! Why why why Next!

No matter what you know – ignore it
No matter where you are- don‘t listen
No matter what you saw - forget it
No matter if you care - don‘t understand
No eye contact no heartfelt act and don‘t you never never ever
Never say the truth
Track Name: The Train
Can´t remember how I got aboard, a passenger in this train, full of people I don´t know, heading nowhere, but here I am - and the train goes on...
I´m glad to see the landscape changing, trees are floating by, cows are mooing silently and disappear and so do I - and the train goes on.

It´s a long voyage, too long to stay behind - It´s a long voyage for any of our kind. It´s a long voyage, longer than you know. But we´re all aboard now -
- and the train goes on

Sometimes we cross a city´s border, busy people looking up and down again meeting my smile, but I´m too fast and I am gone - and the train goes on...
Soft green hills roll by my window, rain is pouring down, flowers of all colours greet it thirstily - I raise a toast - and the train goes on.

Now I feel the destination, groaning I lift my luggage down, It´s heavy now and so feel I, long to let it go and I leave - but the train goes on.

It´s been a long voyage, too long to stay behind - It´s been a long voyage for any of our kind. It´s been a long voyage, longer than I thought.
And you‘re still aboard there -
- and the train goes on

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