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A crazy Space Opera with a Jazz Combo plus Computer and a string quartet. And don´t you forget this VOICE.
Pay what you think this music is worth - and what´s much more, tell your friends! Thank you!


released October 31, 2013

Words, Music, Artwork: Feline Lang


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Feline & Strange Berlin, Germany

5 records plus subscription singles show the trip from a Cabaret-5piece to an Electro Wave duo: Theatre for your ears, the incredibly strong mezzo soprano of Feline Lang, ingenious drums by Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione, and the weirdest cello you ever heard.

Made in Berlin, Germany, and Harrisburg, PA.

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Track Name: Science Fiction (A Space Opera)
Science fiction (Space Opera)
I´ve landed on this planet some dozen years ago but yet I didn´t master life as one of its inhabitants
I walk beside them and observe their strange behaviour
which I don´t fancy anymore. So now I´ll have to leave!
I´ve built a little space ship around my lonely heart
and right tonight at midnight I will launch my stellar start
My life is science fiction, Endless spaces to explore!
I am this space ship´s captain, go where no one´s gone before
I am this space ship´s master, it´s doing what I say
I´m heading upwards to the sky, flying far away
(- and if I want to burn this planet comes your judgement day)
The streets are full of aliens with strangeness in their eyes.
Don´t understand a word they speak, don´t know how I could blend me in
If I could talk to you I´d tell you something: what you heard - about your world - is nothing but lies
I am a shipwrecked prisoner on a lonely isle.
Don´t know where I´m belonging to, no one seems to be missing me
But now I know at least: I have a mission to fulfill:
End this planets - misery and - sweep it from the sky
I´ve built my little space ship inside my wounded soul,
and right tonight at midnight will be launchtime for us all
Track Name: Hello World
Hello World
Strolling down a crowded street - feeling invisible, people bumping into me - it´s incredible
I climb up a lantern post to - shout my name to you:
Look up, people, hark who´s talking cause I want you to
Hello World - is it me you´re waiting for -
is it you I´m looking for or are we just deceiving
Hello World – tell me is it truth I see:
did you always wait for me and long for what I´m giving?
I am not a humble person - I am mercury. Words are always part of my life - coming easily
So I´ll talk to all the world now - like I always did.
But how do I make them listen to my precious wit
I am hanging on my post now - having all the crowd.
People listen, all assembled, - wait for me to talk
But as I can see their faces - I stop thinking tall: I can see the future and feel pretty small
Love me – hold me – pay me – need me - hear me – want me
Track Name: Because (A Wedding Waltz)
When I see you through the bottom of my wineglass
you seem distorted and I´m suddenly afraid
of the white foam you´re fluttering with the tablecloth
threatening to swallow you and all that I love -
Will some envious deity appear and crumple you to a featureless heap?
I know you´d never leave me, and that makes me glad
let´s go together through all ordeals
You´re the rose in my charm and the salt in my soup
the reason for my life, I couldn´t stand losing you -
Will you disappear into a black hole provoked by our love´s quantum leap?
Please please please please don´t go away
please please please please please please stay
Please please please please don´t leave the way
please - because
I´d lie for you, I´d die for you - I´d try for you whatever you want me to
I´d cry for you, don´t ask why I do - I´ll always sigh with you
because I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love you.
I can´t stand the thought you could be stolen away by life´s cruel twists.
Track Name: Why Me
Responsibility is nothing you can run from
It means you have to think ´bout anything you do
It will cost everything of your own sweet comfortness
It means that everyone´s responsible for all
Go away – need you not – all alone – better off
Why should I – care for you – you don´t care either – what I do
Whenever you can run from something that is ugly
You should turn on the spot and have a closer look
Maybe you missed the sign on which your name is written
And you will see that you´re the one to change the world
World is dying – no one cares - Can´t alone make a change
It´s just me, not your god - know myself - you´re the strange
Inner voice turns in sleep - are you top of the heap
Or just one little soul - obsolete in the whole
Do you love me – I don´t love you - This is your song, not my groove
I won´t try – why should I - be the first to make a move
Track Name: I see you
Oh how to start to - tell you what I have to: Never thought this would be that hard for me
But I do crave you so – that you are the whole world for me
Everywhere I throw my eyes - Every corner of my mind
Every place I´m running to - I see you baby I see you
I was a real person, I remember I once was able to - think, to speak, to make it
Then you came into my world and everything changed - strange things happened to me
I have waited too long - I have no time left to waste Or I will disappear from this world
I can hear your steps right outside the door And I´m not gonna leave unheard -
this would be the end
Can´t remember if we´ve been together - can´t imagine how we´d ever be
I just know that I will love you forever
When I´m sitting in my favourite café I can´t enjoy my cortado at all
Cause I´m only waiting for you to appear - Only thinking of what to say to you
Track Name: Leaving for the Seaside
I woke up in a dusty town today. Somebody should come with a vacuum cleaner
Swallowed by a dry worm underground and met only dry mummies in there
Cars going by with hot stink funnels, I try to breathe and spasm comes
people babbling in my entrails, I have to run where I belong
Leaving for the seaside - salty skin and bleaching hair.
Living at the seaside - fresh fresh air
Leaving for the seaside - listening to the waves´ concert.
Longing for the seaside - oh fresh fresh air
I only want to work but can´t today. somebody said a wrong thing after me again
I´m hot and flustered cause I listened (fool I) and I`ll never be able to feel cool again
I lock myself inside the bathroom and try to cry but my eyes stay dry
I will have to drink an ocean to let salty water well up inside
I´ll pack my suitcase when I get home, I´ll leave this dry town for good
When I got there the first I´ll do is undress and with bare feet I´ll run along the sandy beach
I´ll feel the wind caress my dirty lungs and drink the salt water until I´m mad
That is what I need to feel alive again, I`ll do it tomorrow, I´m really set
Track Name: Love is (Utterly overrated)
The first one taught me how to kiss
although he himself didn´t know
He took me to rock gigs and the basketball court
and gave me a necklace with a heart on
– too short!
He cried when I left cause he bored me to death.
Love is utterly overrated -This one ain´t the one
Everything´s said and done

The second was some philosopher,
He told me he knew what life is about
I listened, said thank you and left while he read.
I wrote him a note but took it with me
cause that would have started a war
And I won´t go that far

The third one was really a pretty boy,
A dancer, he knew how to move
He tried to teach me what he thought I had to know
and my mood making love was at an alltime low -
but I learned a lot
And he really was hot

Are you waiting now for an happy end? That I finally found true love?
Well, if I did I wouldn´t tell anyone
cause lots of men are there under the sun
and I want them to know that a girl can say no!

Love is utterly overrated ---- Whenever I thought it´s the one
I found out he was what I hated - So come that I finally stated:
Love is utterly overrated, Everything´s said and done
Track Name: I should have told you before
I couldn´t tell you when we met first time about my strange and sometimes ugly behaviour
When you found out at entirely the wrong time I couldn´t hide my jaws in the parlour
I should have told you before but I couldn´t because I wanted you so
it´s too late now, all said and damage done but I still want you
I have to admit it came quite as a shock for you, I mean, well I knew that, you see,
to get rather furry when we first made love and that love bite was quite a bad idea.
What is so strange about loving my man Just because I am of the darker persuasion?
If you excuse me for moonlit walks I can lead quite a normal liaision.
I know you´re more now than meets the eye and my own carnal hunger grows love
Never had dared to think you would approve but as special in mind as in muscle you´re
I should have told you before but I couldn´t because I wanted you so
it´s too late now, all said and damage done but I still want you
Yes, I should have told you before but how should I know that I could trust in you
it´s quite late now, night broke and moon will come and I do need you
Track Name: Anybody
Anybody sees - my hands on the fader. Anybody tells me it´s - a cold of the mind
Anybody seems to ask me - what I´m afraid of - Who´ll be mad and take my hands when I´m blind
Anybody asks me why - I´m not cooperating - Why I do wait till - the sea is too loud
Anybody tells me baby how I could live – if, Anybody tells me but I cannot get out
Now anybody could just - pull my lever Without a reason take me - out of my mind
Without a brain they seem just oh so clever What do they search and - what do I find
I´m anybody - Anybody´s me - afraid of me
Now`s just remaining what I have brought with - Anybody took - my luggage and ran
Where I ´m going to I won´t need it any more - Anybody show me how much they can, Hey hey
Anybody tells me I should look out of my window - Connect the team without a single shout
But I killed the cat today and served the dog - Any- body take my hand and lead me out
Anybody leave me upside down forever - Anybody run and kingdom come
Anybody will connect me to Never Anybody save the bad boys hum - Mmhmm
Anybody can do that in my favour - Anybody should release me from shout
Anybody would if they weren´t so clever - Anybody show me how to get out
Track Name: You Said
You said that you love me – o nono no you don´t
You said – that you need me – o nono no you don’t
You said – that you never ever leave me – o yeye yeah you did
Baby I just wanna tell you something: never felt the way I do before
This I why you hear me now as I sing That you are just rotten ter the core -
But I´d never thought that you Would do the worst that you could do
Take from me what I could give And leave me then to bleed and live
Oh I hope that you can hear this song once, Oh it has to be a world wide hit
So you can´t escape from my revenge chance,
Can´t deny forever what you did
Cause I´ll hurt you more than you Would ever think me able to
I put your name on my bad side, Go on now, babe, find a place to hide
Track Name: Going away
There's nothing left to say - you're better off all alone
after me come the flood
don't carry my luggage - won't need anything anymore
don't wave me goodbye - I'm going for good
I'm going away - I'm going away
breaking all bridges - never been here to stay
don't say you'd miss me, don't try to kiss me
I'm going away - I'm going away (Good bye...)
don't know what else to do - there's no chore left for me
don't wait for me to come home
I won't write letters from where I go.
Won't look one moment back - I'm going alone
I´m far way off the road - it's not on any map you know
don't ask if you can follow me
you wouldn't want to stay -
you shouldn´t try ever to find me - I'm too far away.
Track Name: End of the world
Emma was strolling the streets everyday,
We kids called her names and went out of her way
Nobody knew if she was happy or sad, where she came from or how she went mad
Ten day she was dead when her neighbours got scared.
They opened her door and found her lying there
on a filthy heap of thousands of pounds - she was a poor poor wealthy one
This is the end of the world, This is the point from where there´s no return.
This is the end of the world

Maggie got into her car one day, she took the kids, but the dog had to stay
Her husband was working, sent kisses by phone;
she heard him ring; didn´t want to stay home
The kids quarreled on on the backseat forever. She drove to a cliff far far over a river
and when the road bent she just didn´t stop - the car went on and on over the top
Nobody knows what his neighbour is thinking. Nobody asks why their windows are blind
Nobody wonders what ships they are sinking - and nobody ever sees them die
Track Name: Lost in the Moon
Wavering the moonlight comes, Caressing softly my/her starving skin so
Lost it seems so pale and shining While no one is watching me
Whithering my/her flesh under the Cold rays of the moon I´m feeling
Lost while I/she roll/s up (and) close/s my/her eyes to be alone
I can´t sleep while I´m watching the moon, She looks like a hag, old forlorn,
But I envy her for the peace and the light - I won´t say but most that all love her
I say it aloud: “I wish I was the moon, I don´t want to lose anymore”
I wouldn´t panic from getting old And nothing could hurt me again
What is it for, anyway? What am I waiting for? /What are you hoping for?
The moon in a sudden gets bigger and bright, And I feel sucked up by the silvery light
My skin starts to wrinkle, to bubble, to ooze, Then crumbles, drying to stone
My cry goes unheard while I´m soaring up And I settle in a cold huge rocky lump
Staring down from heavens to a pale smiling lass That is curling up in my sheets.
She made a complete change to my life, why, o why couldn’t I...
And she seems happy, but something´s amiss: She also looks up with a longing eye
So now I know what loneliness means, And I know I can never go back
I watch every night the girl in my bones, She enjoys what I never had

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