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Trigger Warning (Fan Edition)

by Feline & Strange

  • Streaming + Download

    Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

    This album holds 13 songs in 2 versions each, PLUS 12 "trigger warnings", our exclusive AUDIOTHEATRE:
    TWFS resembles much more our live shows than anything we made before. There is theatre going on between your headphones. Intermissions, short audio plays, dialogues and soundscapes set you in the mood for each track, and of course an ouverture. Obviously, these are only available on our own playlists, the physical things, bandcamp, patreon. Not on spotify and the like.

    All songs come in a CD master set for listening on a HiFi device from your harddisk or a CD you burn for yourself, plus a Web Master suitable for streaming from your mediatheque of choice on your mobile device. We might include even more versions as they come along.

    Also included: the artbook as a PDF, and the fold-up artwork to hold everything as a PDF for you to print at home.

    Physical items available additionally (not included):
    twfs 1: Store edition: a compressed, normal-CD-sized version of the artwork and folder with a very different vibe (new unseen artwork included) accompanies the full album with tw´s.
    ONLY available here:

    twfs 2: The Artbook (A6 octavo)
    twfs 3: The fold-up tabletop oracle game with cut out figurines, playable and available with or without the CD (bigger than a normal CD case)
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  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Part 2 of the modular artwork for TRIGGER WARNING

    This started out as the lyrics booklet. Now it is a real book, and so we sell it separately. All the single items of the TRIGGER WARNING album tell a different story.

    An A6 book made with real thick and soft book paper. Offset print and book binding.
    Hand drawn and designed artwork for each song, and more.
    Can also be enjoyed without the album but both together make an immersive experience.
    Holds several loose inlays, some of them individual and unique for each book.
    If you want it signed, say so.
    (Available from TW release on)
    NOT A VINYL. Unfortunately bandcamp doesn´t offer any options to embed a book into the album page so I had to tag it as a vinyl!

    Includes unlimited streaming of Trigger Warning (Fan Edition) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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    ships out within 5 days
    edition of 500 

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  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    Part 3 of the modular artwork for TRIGGER WARNING.

    The full album with trigger warnings as an oracle and table top game.
    Not kidding.
    Each part of the twfs artwork opens a different perspective on the album. This one´s the control part. Life is a lottery, at best.
    Invent your own rules for this table top game, or just predict one of your possible futures, and cut out yours truly to use as figurines for your game.
    Can be used with or without the CD. Does NOT contain lyrics booklet - that´s the Art Book, the following item, NEITHER the USB stick NOR the Schnufficreep - these are suggestions on how to play. DOES hold the cutouts though, but you have to cut them out yourself...!
    Live animated preview: read.screenpaper.io?fad3d=416784d91d69369755 (copy and paste link)

    Includes unlimited streaming of Trigger Warning (Fan Edition) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
    ships out within 5 days
    edition of 500 

      €20 EUR or more 


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    Excludes supporter-only releases.

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Ouverture 02:58
INAPPROPRIATE 128 - Am It's a feather in my hat It's the pearl around my neck That makes me bad It's the colour of my hair Or the language in which I swear That drives you mad I'm not correct in what I do - I'm offending them and you I'm in your line of sight and yes, my dear, you're right: I'm inappropriate! It is the vixen dress I wear And the stuff about which I care That makes me bad It is the nipple of my tit It is the place on which I sit That drives you mad You've lost control over your eyeballs and over your typing hand as well Looking away is not your forte (fortay) and what you see you have to tell You've got the right to be offended as I have got that to offend Your mind is set in a concrete block and you don't want that state to end „You can't do this because you're Female You can't do this because you're Old You can't do this because you're Black or white or green You can't do this because you suck You can't do this because you're blind or dumb or lame You can't do this because you're fat You can't do this because you're ugly“ - You know what? I give a fuck! I'm inappropriate...
PRETTY PLEASE 130 – Em I want to believe that everything will be alright I prefer to think that all things can swing to their better side I don't want you to show me What I don't want to know, thank you very much Tell me the best truth that you can make up and Don't ever don't ever wake me up Let me dream my fantasy how people live in harmony I am happy in my sleep, don't shake me nononono People scare me, don't you dare to speak to me Leave me floating happily in my bubble of insanity dick pics, politics, spam chokes me with panics You can keep your lot of shit I won't love you more for it thank you very much I´ve got too much of everything, I don´t want what you could bring I don´t need your plan for a future that might never come Do I have to change the world I just want to stay home a nerd Fake news fake news put them where the shit grows You´re afraid? oh I can feel you - doesn´t mean I have to like you
I AM AN ICEBERG – 100 – Bbm I am an iceberg - you only see part of me. when I melt down I will take you down with me My life is running away from me- I chase it and gasp - can't breathe My life is falling away from me - like flakes of skin - of an ugly disease My life is crumbling away right now - falling apart- in front of my eyes My life that I've built from so many tears - dissolves in a mist- and dies I stand and watch, unable to move, I silently cry for help But no angel lowers his wings on me, I turn away and fly – myself I know you´ll never hear me calling - I know you´ll never even try I know the lighthouse is a blind spot - I know the rest is passing by Hold on to the plank And keep your head up, Try not to quit breathing, This ship will be sinking Or to let your heart stop,You have got no home/time Let go of your firm hold And swim all alone/from the lifeline It ends right here right now - It ends I'm glad let go - it is the end this time and we will not return
tw: a secret 01:16
CASTLE IN THE WOODS In a land far away there´s a mountainside where no one will go In the mountains far away there´s a peak covered in eternal snow If you climb up this mountain which you never ever will you may find me I can show you the way if you really wanna follow deep inside of me On the mountain in the woods there´s a castle looming against the dusky sky There's a road leading up to the castle but it´s broken and dangerously high If you walk all this road... If you reach the castle you will find that the walls are too steep to climb And the entrance is blocked by a gate which seems forged by a titan´s child If you still find the key… So now you´re inside but it´s dark as pitch not a spark of light You may burn all the candles you can find but you still will feel left to die If you don´t run away which you probably will… On the castle on the mountain in the deep deep wood there´s a spire You may find the door to the endless narrow staircase in the deepest lair If you climb all the stairs… On the top of the stairs there´s a room with a burnt out fireplace In the ashes you can see shreds of paper burnt and ripped to kill every trace If you put them all together… There´s a letter now before you, try to read it, all the answers you may want are here While you´re reading you won´t notice how the door is locked and a step comes near When you look up from the letter - crying if you understand - you may see me I am standing at the window. With a sad and sorry smile I throw out the key
The ark is sinking – all hope is gone Chaos is linking what´s new and what´s done The past is burning and its flame flickers and dies Quenched by ignorance – suffocated in lies Restart from Zero – Try again. Restart from Zero, little man. Time is revolving back to Big Bang The snake has no face but a poisonous fang. The sky is dark now with acidic rain The rock is falling, all was in vain. Hold your beloved for all that´s it´s worth Cry on her shoulder while she´s giving birth
1 It feels so good to stay in bed - To pull the cover up your shoulders To turn around and snuggle in - And not to care about what's sad It is so easy sleeping in - Pretending life is just a nightmare To just stay put and let them worry Whether to sleep may be a sin Let's stay in bed Today - Let's keep ea ch other warm - The world is cold Today - Let's stay in bed Whether we're there or not - It won't make a difference - So let's disappear - Into Another Dream 2 Isn't it nice to stay in bed - To close your eyes, play deaf and blind To turn your back towards your partner - And let the world be screaming mad Isn't it easy sleeping in - Forget your duties and your rights To just stay put and let them bother - Never to lose, never to win. 3 So you are sure you'll stay in bed - And not to change the things you hate To play the sheep and trust the shepherd - You always went where you were led you're so afraid of waking up - Maybe your life is just a nightmare If you don't look maybe is disappears - And so your eyes and mouth stay shut Let's die in bed Today - Let's shoot each other cold - The world is dead Today - Let's die in bed Whether you're there or not – might make a difference- But You disappear - Into a Dream And I just say – let´s Burn the fucking bed Let's burn the bed Today - What's there besides to die? The world is cold today - Let's burn the bed Whether we're there or not - We won`t make a difference - So let's exchange the world - for Another Dream
Lobotomy 03:22
Lobotomy, I want a lobotomy for my birthday Lobotomy will be the only way to make me smile Take them away Take them away those stupid feelings, Take it away this haunting guile Then I could live as a happy apian! who ever needed the homo sapien? I'd jump from a tree and fall to my death, the ruins of mankind will be my bed Lobotomy give me lobotomy to make my day Lobotomy seems like a pretty way to salvation. Without personality I would feel no sin I'm sick of teaching, explaining, complaining, So heal me from thinking I know that you can Then I could live forever after in peace, Sit in the corner, counting my fleas Madly Grinning about what I forgot, Salivating slightly is all that I got Doctor oh doctor go get your drill, take it from me, this bloody free will I don't need to wait for the end of the show, My own apocalypse can be here and now
Night 06:40
The night is everywhere And your whole world lies in the dark The black and glassy sphere that is the sky allows no spark The stars died long ago and sister moon has gone away you must get up and go - this is no place for you to stay A single candle drops some wax across the floor You hear your breath while you start searching for a door Is there another breath behind you in the gloom turn to the mirror so you finally face your doom Wake up - in the middle of the night - Open your eyes - and be blind in mind and sight Scream in the darkness of the night - Nothing is there - not a single ray of light The wind blows out the flame - Again you´re lost there in the void The world you knew is gone - You can as well stand there all night There is nowhere to go - No sun that will turn up next day Your memory returns - And screaming out you run away Your bare feet clatter on the cold and stoney floor leave bloody prints, no one will see them anymore you leave behind what you have found around your bed but there are more and more, and all of them are dead flee these acidic walls, your prison and your bed the steps come closer, closer, closer, and you´re dead) Wake up - in the middle of the night - Open your eyes - and be blind in mind and sight Scream - it won´t help that you´re the feast - No one is left but an always hungry beast Scream and then go on with the feast - No one is left but an always hungry beast
Medusa 05:00
Your gaze turns me to stone - while you´re talking You look very alone - while we´re walking You´ve been torn apart - and badly sewn back together you have a Frankenstein heart - you past is your tether He took off your head and nailed it to his shield, Made you his bounty, his crest to wield He cut off what had been your life before and your wounds stay sore - It´s not every night anymore in the small hours that you wake up and count your pills there are blissful moments when you almost forget - moments - and then the pain comes back So you were laughing too loud - So you were dancing too hard So you were showing desire - So you were available - What's left of you walks and talks And daily brushes its teeth You're a sore empty chrysalis Scared of what you need I know I can't help. The scars will not heal. I walk beside you and we both try not to feel And then The pain Comes back
Not a Man 03:06
I run a business and this business has my name but I'm not a man I like sex and i have it when i can but I'm not a man I boss people and my voice is loud and mean but I curse and swear and I'm not the least ashamed but I show myself and my talents to the world but I won't have when somebody spoils my day but I make my own money and I like to spend it but I have an opinion and I will speak it but I love my body and I like to touch it but I like my hooha and I don't like to wash it but I'm growing hair on my legs and face and crotch but I like it dirty and I do it quite loud but The future is female - Female is the future The present is female - Female is now I am a female - Female is what I am The present is female - Female is now
Please Die 05:00
He lifts the cover ever so softly, He smiles so friendly and strokes her hair. Oh are you cold dear, here, let me warm you, his hand is hot indeed but makes her freeze. She is so young still and has nobody, maybe he´s right in all that he does, maybe she´s wrong in feeling a victim, maybe it´s her fault and she´s here to please. but in her mind she screams Throw yourself out of the window, Shoot yourself in the head, Make yourself feel like I do, Know what you´re doing is ever so bad. Hack off your hands that abuse me, Throttle yourself to death, While you´re at it please castrate yourself, I wish someone before me had, Oh please die He crawls in the bed, snuggles beside her, tugs at her nightgown and pulls it up Oh you´re so hot dear, here, let me show you what good I can do only for you He says he loves her but never asks her what she is feeling, if she´s alive - maybe she´s human, maybe his soft toy - it doesn´t matter, she´s there to please Maybe there will come the day When she will run away And when he finds her, threatens to blind her, she gropes behind her and screams
tw: help 01:29
. . . I´m not in control .. I´m not in I can´t move I can´t think I can´t sleep I can´t live I can´t breathe I need to need to breathe . . . I need to need to breathe My fear is to fear it´s oppressing my chest I can´t Breathe Your hate is my choke it´s suppressing my self I can´t breathe I´ll never be good enough strong enough wise enough Can´t stop stupidity can´t save what´s left of me I can´t move I can´t think I can´t sleep I can´t live I can´t breathe I need to ... I need to need to breathe I need to ... I need to need to (bass drop) I need to ... I need to need to (GP) . . . I´m not in control .. This air is poisonous - This world is poisonous - This life is poisonous - This fear is poisonous This hate is poisonous - This hope is poisonous – I can´t move I can´t think I can´t sleep I can´t live I can´t breathe - I need to ... I need to need to breathe Toxic toxic toxic - don´t be so obnoxious - Listen to the gossip - Don´t you change the topic - Don´t ask for the logic - Shut your mouth and smile And don´t ask why I´m not in control I need to ... I need to need to
apocalypse 00:52
Vanity Fair 05:37
Sitting upright sleepless in the small hours which seem somehow much bigger than usual Is this reality is this a nightmare featuring all the decisions I've made Shouldn't I be on the street in this moment, shouldn't I write a song Shouldn't I sleep so I'm fresh in the morning To achieve what I this time did wrong I am too tired to sleep, So I decided to die instead. Let´s celebrate the occasion and don´t try to hold me back Now I remember the words I have said to you when we should have said goodnight I change to a kitchen chair creaking suspiciously but still more silent than I, was, all the time rolling backwards and forth and I didn't want to wake you up, no, but to be honest I wish oh I wish you would open the door now and rub my back and tell me all will be alright Let me escape from this vanity fair, Let me prepare for the afterlife Let me put on all my beautiful clothes, Make up my face to a most splendid mask I can escape from this devilish world, I'll build my rocket to Jupiter Put me upon a most marvellous dais, Let me sail away even further Nothing did happen, and no you can't help. I'm not an unlucky person My brain is just fucked up and I am so tired, I can't fight any more The Sounds of a waking world muffled by the soft noise of warm black wings . I am just so tired - I just want to say goodnight (Now I´ve) put on my ball gown and jewellery, Adorned my head with a crown I feel I´ve been dancing all night and have just slipped out of the room to sit down a bit and breathe while everyone else - is still - having fun so I sit and breathe and smile and wait for death to come


“We have created a monster“

TRIGGER WARNING is Feline & Strange’s most political album so far.
It is heart-wrenching. Furious, tragic, sometimes sarcastically silly. It is feminist. No. Humanist. It is depressing, and disturbing. Just as the world is these days.

“You are not alone with all these emotions. We are here, and we hear you. We see you and we lend you our voices.”

The album is called Trigger Warning for a reason. The songs show no mercy to any human abyss. Feline is addressing war, despair, abuse, rape, hate, discrimination, depression, madness, and suicide, as directly as ever.

The work is also deeply connected to Taylor´s coming out as a trans woman. After a nearly lethal fight against society, expectations, and work related prejudice, she opened up to Feline as literally the first person on the world besides her partner, less than two months before preproduction in Berlin was scheduled. She kept saying: “I must remember this album is not about me.” And Feline kept responding: “It is. It´s about everyone.”


released April 4, 2020

all songs written and arranged by Feline Lang
piano arrangement of VANITY FAIR verse by Mishkin Fitzgerald

produced by Feline Lang and Taylor KouqJ Bull
recorded at Seventh Wave Studio , Palmyra, PA, USA
with Taylor KouqJ Bull and Kevin Kennedy

vocals, piano, synths, ukulele: Feline Lang
cello, percussion: Christoph Klemke
drums: Rah Hell

bass guitar, upright, hammer on stone: Taylor KouqJ Bull
tuba on LOBOTOMY and VANITY FAIR: Matt Miller
accordion on VANITY FAIR: Mishkin Fitzgerald
additional ukulele on LOBOTOMY: Matthew Victor „Ghastly“ Rogers
announcements: Sam Lee (The Clockwork Dolls)
additional vocals: Sam Lee, Julie Zakar, Cameron Ellis Lamberson, Taylor KouqJ Bull, Christoph Klemke, Rah Hell

all photos: Jörg Merlin Noack
concept and design: Feline Lang
Hand typo: Rah Hell

Made with and through and for our patreons
Join the family and learn more: www.felineandstrange.com




Feline & Strange Berlin, Germany

A rocket trip from a Punk Cabaret-5piece to a Dark Wave duo: Theatre for your ears, the incredible mezzo soprano of Feline, ingenious drums by Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione, and the weirdest cello you ever heard.

Made in Berlin.

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CDs are available here: dryland-records-shop.de/collections/all/feline-strange
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