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by Feline & Strange

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All is well 03:51
The sun´s going down and will never come up - At least not for you to see. The tide is high and won´t ever calm down - There´s no safe harbour for me. All is well, my dear, sleep you well. The last child forever was born today its mother once kissed it and died. There will be no heaven nor hell to keep on so just close your eyes and sleep tight. We all here have conquered whatever we could so nothing is left for tomorrow. What´s happened is through and what´s coming is new and we are too weak now for sorrow. You wake from this nightmare and open your eyes to find you have woken in hell. This nightmare won´t end, you won´t ever wake up, no matter how loud is your yell
Time 04:46
I´m ill and lie in bed while rain is drumming punk noise on the window shelf My nose is running and so are my thoughts, I feel like being reduced to myself. Surrendered into my own pressure I feel like covered in a shroud. Shut off from love, fun, leisure, I can hear nothing that ain´t loud. Time to ask me ´bout my life. Time to dig up hairy monsters. Time to sink my head in shame Desperation running rife Time to go to beddybyes - Time to wander round in sleep. Time to dream up new dimensions - Just collecting hows and whys The sky is grey and so feel I, can´t find no colour in my present ways. somebody tries to brighten me up - love´s labour´s lost these days Paint my fingers red and scratch the world, Tearing up my cellophane pall, Inhaling light and fire to burn the sun, Spreading myself over everything and all The light gets weaker and I start to blink, Dry eyelids blocking off an inane show My thought train slows down with a ghastly ring, The dark engulfs me... ...Time is over now.
The City 04:26
The city´s blood is rushing In and out of me. I have to close my eyes to feel the moving sea. The city´s living, breathing her own reality. I wonder when it happened that this got part of me Heartbeat – Streetbeat – Workbeat – Hive. My Beat - Your Beat - Our Street – Life I am part of the living That keeps me alive. I am a fighting soldier in this big beehive. I love this awesome city with all the heat of life. I love the city monster The city keeps me running when I just wish to sleep. It makes me always crawl upwards To be top of the heap. The city´s one and millions who do the same as me. I feel like part of this beast And it is part of me The city is my lover and my worst enemy. I run and duck for cover trying to dig me free. This city bore me bravely till time did come for me. I am this city, I am the vast plurality
Lonely Girl 03:42
I am the girl Who always knocks on locked doors - Uh, I forgot, did we have a date? I am the girl Who sits amidst her blue balloons, Waits for the guests that never come To celebrate her birthday all alone Lonely girl - Don't pity me - Don't laugh at me lonely girl. Lonely girl - Just comfort me - Be there for me But you won´t be cause I´m a lonely girl I am the girl Last in the queue to wait for goods That are sold out the moment it's her turn. I am the girl Who never gets what she paid for Just accusations for the mess that other people did and walked away I am the girl Who cares that coffee´s made and cookies bought and mugs are rinsed when meeting starts. I am the girl Who cleans up after everyone And never gets a thankyou only has to clear her spot out of your hearts I am what's left When you turn the stone and wait, All the spiders run away from me. I am what's left The last one at the party with that Never ending hope that life Will turn a fairy tale now after all
I´ve been watching for years now what people´ll do just to spread their wings No one gives his place away. I´ll try to sit back and just watch them play kings there will be blood, there will be tears - and there will be hate growing from fears I can´t stand it, I won´t change it - So I don´t even stay. I put my hands in my pockets and walk away Teach your child to be stupid - defend your backyard world tooth and nail sue whoever´s living different - slow down the world to the pace of a snail It´s not my problem, so why should I care? I´m too tired to fight harms I don´t share do you think of the future - do you stop killing nature do you help a victim - do you forgo your dictum do you care what comes after - do you lose with laughter do you like your way to be - how do you without eyes to see With my hands in my pockets I feel strong and immune to tears. I am nobody and nobody knows my name - I`m closing my eyes to forget I can hear may come the night, may come the end – As I´m not in charge - I won´t raise a hand
Yes, I admit, I am the bad one in this situation - And to think I wanted nothing from you but just a little appreciation. When I hurled that glass at you I thought I´d miss you, honestly! Your eardrum split just because, well, you didn´t listen properly Uh – I´m so sorry. Never meant to hurt you. Uh, I´m so sorry. Could we start anew?Uh, I´m so sorry, Can we talk it over? I´m so sorry, yes I am, it´s true. I´m so sorry. Maybe I should have done things in a different style - Well, my way has to get used to as you well know as our years go by. True, was me who scratched your car but mundane things don´t count at all! When I shot that gun at you I did mention it wasn´t something personal Why should I apologise? I am what I am and this woman ain't nice  Take me as I am or go away, and don't complain anymore if you decide to stay A pity I hurt you - a pity you sulk. When you started to cry I still wanted to talk You took me as I am and I like it that way. I won't change I won't stop I'll die if you go away
Your Life 03:59
Squeezed into a world that isn´t mine I try to ignore most of my life. yes I have the choice but what shall I do when that means to say yes or no to you? Leave me alone with your life - it isn´t mine and I´ve got no desire to share this part of your life. It´s less than a half, it´s poor, your life I know with me or her to save on a cliffside you wouldn´t hesitate to let me fall to death. I could handle that but not her staining my sun with my man in my time having my fun You´ve got that blind spot when it comes to her Where I disappear with my urgencies. I also had one for you but see clearly now: I will always be second anyhow I who am nothing but your wife Can´t stand any longer to feel eaten up! But I´m a part now of your life How do I get back an own life? I know that your child is your life and I can´t demand to decide from you. But I´m a part now of your life Wouldn´t you like it too, our life?
I suffer depressions its from my age. They only dissolve when I enter the stage. I keep telling I am just turning a new page - But I know its a lie, can´t suppress my deep rage For the first time I don´t know whom I should elect. I am looking around and find nobody to respect. My world is underflowing my intellect - Cut uninteresting stuff, the rest is to neglect But there´s one thing i learned: Well you never know. When you've lost all your hope, Things may change right now This world is dying and we all know. Watch our last chance roll by, have to act now Can't move our ass, stay in bed, let it all go. Raise our hands, turn our back, what should I do? I am living in a modern and liberated world - so how come I still see how women get hurt? Why does every other phrase hold an insulting word, and when the hell did my own habits get so slurred?
Afterlife 04:31
What will I be when I lose my bones? What god carry me through waves of bitterness?What shall I do when I´m down and out? Will you be there to drag me further? I think not. I´ll be alone, all by myself. Beauty is my profession - but what will happen the day I lose my eye? I sing my own words but who will listen when my tongue goes dry? I´ll die alone, all by myself. Will I remember flowers, will I remember rain? will I remember birds and songs like when we were alive? Will I remember feelings, Will I remember care? will you remember who I was when I´m no longer there The moments I´m happy in life are while I´m dancing - but my legs are treacherous... It´s like my life´s just beginning but the truth is hard and life is murderous. I´ll die so soon and all by myself.
I got another yellow letter: lawyer says I´m a bad girl. In my lyrics I use the ABC and I never asked if that´s OK I could change my style, I could pay the bill, I could say I´m sorry but I never will Mh-mh-mh I´m getting angry and I don´t know what I will do Uh-oh-oh I´m getting angry I would be off if I were you Sound laws destroy my world as it has grown - make me a criminal for what I paid for on my own. Can´t you just leave - I´m trying to survive! let me live my life... I´m not hurting you, why do you hurt me, I could let you live, so why can´t you let me? Bankers don´t care for future nor present nor past as long as their property is certain to last. Who gives you the right to intrude in my life? Who justified? I never asked for help, so please stay away, I won´t change my life cause you want me to pay


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released August 16, 2015


all rights reserved



Feline & Strange Berlin, Germany

A rocket trip from a Punk Cabaret-5piece to a Dark Wave duo: Theatre for your ears, the incredible mezzo soprano of Feline, ingenious drums by Dresden Dolls' Brian Viglione, and the weirdest cello you ever heard.

Made in Berlin.

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